Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Initial Bankruptcy Lawyer Appointment

Considering bankruptcy is an option you have if you are struggling with so much debt you do not know where to turn, and visiting with a bankruptcy lawyer is a great way to learn more about the process. When you visit with an attorney, you will not be obligated to file for bankruptcy, which is good to know, but it will help you understand whether it is the right option for you. As you prepare to meet with a lawyer for the first time, here are several ways you can prepare for this.

Gather Up the Right Documents

The only way you will get the advice you need when meeting with a lawyer is if you can give the lawyer all the documents he or she needs during this initial visit. Lawyers need certain documents in order to fully evaluate a person's financial situation. Without the right documents, the lawyer may not be able to give you the advice that is best for your situation.

You can ask the lawyer what to bring to your appointment, and these are the documents he or she is likely to suggest:

  • Income information, including taxes and pay stubs
  • A list of every debt you owe, including the amount and the creditor
  • Statements from all your bank accounts and loan accounts
  • Documentation from any type of recent windfall or soon-to-receive windfall

These are the basic things you will need, and you should make sure you bring all these with you to your appointment.

Create a List of Questions

The second way to prepare is by creating a list of questions to ask the lawyer. Here are some common questions a lot of people ask during their initial bankruptcy appointment:

  • How much does this cost?
  • When does the fee need to paid?
  • What are the consequences of filing for bankruptcy?
  • What are the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?
  • Will a certain branch eliminate debts you have?
  • Are there any good alternatives to bankruptcy?
  • Will you have to go to court for this?

These are basic questions you should ask, but you may want to include others on your list as well.

When you have all the documents you need and a list of questions you want to ask, you will be ready to visit with a lawyer to prepare for bankruptcy. If you have not yet scheduled a consultation appointment, you should do so now by contacting a bankruptcy law firm today.