Will Bankruptcy Be A Slow Process?

Most folks who've interacted with the American legal system will come away with the impression it moves very slowly. Talk with a bankruptcy attorney, though, and you might hear something quite different. This article explores how quickly bankruptcy tends to move, when it might go slowly, and what some intervening factors may be. Bankruptcy Is Usually Fast Speaking in the broadest sense, a bankruptcy lawyer will tell you the process is almost always fairly speedy.

Why It's Worth Pursuing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Instead of Chapter 13

If you are starting the bankruptcy process, you likely are trying to figure out if you should use Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 to file for bankruptcy. While both can be advantageous in their own ways, here is why you'll want to pick Chapter 7 bankruptcy instead of Chapter 13 if you have the option. Chapter 7 Offers a Faster Fresh Start When you compare the two forms of bankruptcy, know that your debts will not be discharged with Chapter 13 until you complete the repayment plan.